Revised "Discerning and Responding to a Call to Holy Orders" now available

Click here for downloadable the Word document

Highlights include the following:

1) This completes the guidelines for those interested in pursuing diaconal or priestly ministry.

2) The document now includes complete information about the final steps of the process: Candidacy and Ordination.

3) The section dealing with Deacon Formation has been revised to reflect changes in the School of Diaconal Ministry which is a joint program of our Diocese and the Dioceses of Ohio and Southern Ohio.

4) There is a new and helpful guide to navigating the process entitled "Outline of Process and Checklist of Documents to be Submitted." This will help individuals understand the process and make sure they are fulfilling the various requirements.

The committee does not anticipate any major changes in the future but will continue to revise and fine-tune as necessary. Questions or comments may be directed to the Rev. Lou Hays, Chair of the Commission on Ministry, at or 412-531-7153.

Guidelines for Receiving Holy Orders
The Bishop and the Commission on Ministry have released two documents concerning receiving Holy Orders of those who have been ordained to the Priesthood in the Roman Catholic Church. The longer document, Guidelines for Reception of Clergy from other Churches (Word document), provides the process to be used in our diocese to implement portions of Title III.10 of the Canons of the Episcopal Church. The other document, Overview of Process for Reception of Roman Catholic Holy Orders (PDF), is a brief, step-by-step summary of the process spelled out in the longer document. For questions or further information, please contact the Chairperson of the Commission on Ministry, the Rev. Lou Hays, at or 412-531-7153, ext. 11.

Committee Members

The Rt. Rev. Dorsey W. M. McConnell, Bishop of Pittsburgh
The Rev. Lou Hays, Retired, Chairperson
Carolyn R. Booker, St. Stephen’s, Wilkinsburg (2019)
The Rev. Michelle Boomgaard, St. Paul’s, Mt. Lebanon (2018)
Bethany Hamill, Christ Church, North Hills
The Rev. Charles Hamill, All Saints, Brighton Heights (2019)
The Rev. Jonathan Jensen, Calvary, East Liberty
The Rev. Kris Opat, St. David’s, Peters Township
The Rev. Eric McIntosh, St. James, Penn Hills (2017)
The Rev. Lorena Ringle, Christ Church, North Hills
Steve Stagnitta, St. Andrew’s, Highland Park
The Rev. Ann Staples, St. Thomas, Northern Cambria
Daryl Walker, All Saints, Brighton Heights

The Rev. Canon Dr. Jay Geisler
The Rev. Canon Ted Babcock

Click here for Discernment and Ordination Process Guidelines and Instructions, revised May, 2017 (Word doc)

Click here for Required Medical Examination Form (PDF)

Click here for Required Mental Health Evaluation Form (PDF)