The nominating committee for the elections to be held at Diocesan Convention on November 10-11, 2017, of clergy and lay people to membership on various governing bodies and committees of the diocese has extended the deadline for nominations to be submitted. The new deadline is July 31, 2017. 

Multiple candidates for open positions are encouraged and accepted. Self-nominations are encouraged and accepted! You do not need to be a deputy to Diocesan Convention to run for election.

At this year's convention, we will be electing:

  • Two lay persons to the Board of Trustees
  • One clergy and one lay person to:
    • The Standing Committee
    • The Cathedral Chapter
    • The Committee on Constitution and Canons
  • Two clergy and one lay person to the Disciplinary Board
  • One person (clergy or lay) to the Commission on Ministry
  • One person (clergy or lay) to the Growth Fund

All positions carry a term of three years, except for the Standing Committee which has a four-year term.

Nomination forms have been mailed to all of the parishes in the Diocese, and are also available on the diocesan web site at A brief description of the canonical responsibilities of each of the boards and committees as well as information about the frequency and time of meeting is also available there. Nomination forms (which must be signed by the rector or senior warden of the nominee's parish) are now due in the diocesan office by July 31 by mail or by email to . A brief bio and a photograph are also due by July 31 and must be submitted electronically to Judi Rogers at


We invite all faithful Episcopalians to prayerfully consider volunteering to serve the diocese as best suits their time and talents. The co-chairs of the Nominating Committee are the Rev. Nancy Chalfant-Walker and Mr. Russell Ayres. If anyone has questions about any of the work of any of the diocesan committees, feel free to contact Nano at, or Russ at

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