The Fall ECW/UTO Ingathering was held at Calvary Episcopal Church, East Liberty, on September 9, and the following ECW grants were approved:

Walk-in ministry, Trinity Cathedral, $1,000

Bishop's Discretionary Fund, $1,500

Living in Liberty, $700

Frank's Friends, St. Francis in the Fields $400

Christmas Day Dinner, Atonement, $1,000

Christmas Dinner, Advent/Brookline, $1,000

Food Bank, St. Matthew's, Homestead, $1,500

NYOP, St. Stephen's, Wilkinsburg, $1,800

Homeless Children's Education Fund, $500

Mustard Seed Children of Kigali, $1,500

Episcopal Relief & Development, $224.80

The two $1,200 scholarships were approved from the ECW Memorial Fund for the following recipients: Thomas Starr, Youngstown University, music composition (clergy, the Rev. Noah Evans) and Benito Stallings, Pittsburgh Theological Seminary, divinity (clergy, the Rev. Nancy Chalfant-Walker).

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