The reconciliation journey is not an easy process.  However, when we met together back in June, we took the first step to attempt to break down the existing walls of mistrust and begin to promote solidarity.  In the spirit of unity and respect, young and old, Black and White, we gathered in support of our vision – A Church Without Walls: Building the Bridge to Racial Unity. Thus began the conversation for healing.

Subsequently, we have heard wonderful testimonies concerning your small group meetings. It has been an amazing thing to see God raise up His church for the work of racial healing. Therefore, we must continue to allow the Word of God and His hope for the church to change hearts. This will happen through the church having a transformative response to racial division in our culture. The world needs to hear godly voices on race and reconciliation. This is how the Gospel of Jesus Christ will be made known – through our unity in the midst of our diversity.

Please mark your calendar for our next meeting, which will be held at 4:00 p.m. on Sunday, October 15, once again at Rodman Street Missionary Baptist Church, 6111 Rodman Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15206 (East Liberty).

Prior to our gathering in October, we encourage you to read  "Letter from a Birmingham Hotel."  This powerful reflection on the recent events in Charlottesville, Virginia, was written by the Rev. Dr. Alyn Waller, Senior Pastor of Enon Tabernacle Baptist Church in Philadelphia and President of the Lott Carey Foreign Mission Convention.

Even if you have not been involved in the small group activities, you are encouraged to attend this transformative event. Feel free to bring a friend from any Christian tradition.

Our work has just begun and we can "Be the Bridge!"

Faithfully in Christ,

The Rt. Rev. Dorsey McConnell
Bishop, Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh

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