Because there are an extraordinary number of vacancies to be filled at the Special Convention, the search for people willing to fill these spots is taking longer than usual. The nomination deadline is December 1, 2008.

Information on the nominees will be mailed to all deputies and clergy on December 3, 2008. If you wish to add a candidate, after circulation of the original list of nominees, this can be done by submission of an application to the nomination committee (instructions are on the form) before December 11, 2008. These additional nominations require the signed support of at least 10 members of the convention. Any nominations submitted by December 11, 2008 shall appear on the ballot.

With the signed support of 10 members of the convention, additional nominations made be made on the day of the convention. These nominations will be announced by the Nominating Committee as part of their report.

The Nominating Committee consists of:
The Rev. Bruce Robison, St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church
The Rev. Leslie Reimer, Calvary Episcopal Church
Jon Delano, St. Paul’s Episcopal Church

Forms for Nominations are Available by clicking here. (PDF)

Additional information with a list of vacancies is available here.


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