A general meeting to reorganize the Clergy Association of the Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh will take place on Tuesday, February 3, 2009, from 10:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m., at St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church, 5801 Hampton Street, Pittsburgh (Highland Park neighborhood).  Pizza, salad, soft drinks, and coffee, by donation. RSVP not required, but appreciated (to assist with pizza ordering).

I’m pleased to say that our Assisting Bishop, the Rt. Rev. Robert H. Johnson, has accepted our invitation to attend.

If you need directions or have other questions, you can call me at the Church (412 661-1245) or via email.

The Clergy Association is open to and serves all clergy (bishops, priests, deacons) canonically resident in the Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh in the Episcopal Church (active or retired, and whether physically resident or not), and all clergy canonically resident in any other diocese of the Episcopal Church who are "actually residing" within our diocesan boundaries.

The specific mission of the Clergy Association is to promote the well-being of clergy and clergy-families.

That happens in all kinds of ways: initiating social events, sponsoring Continuing Education and Professional and Spiritual Development opportunities, working with the diocese on areas of specific concern to clergy, such as compensation guidelines, medical/dental/vision/group life insurances, pastoral care resources, clergy days and clergy conferences, etc., developing resources for stronger clergy/vestry relationships, and supporting clergy when issues of conflict or canonical discipline arise.  The Association, as it would be affiliated with the National Network of Episcopal Clergy Associations, also provides a way for clergy locally to connect with resources for support and advocacy in the wider church.

In any case: the "non-realigned" remnant of our former Association Board (yours truly, plus President Jay Geisler, Scott Quinn, and Steve Smalley, with Art Dilg serving as liaison for retired clergy and surviving spouses) will look forward to this opportunity to "reorganize" and move forward together in this collegial community.

Please do mark your calendars now!

The Rev. Dr. Bruce Robison


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