The Diocese of Pittsburgh Committee on Resolutions invites submission of proposed resolutions for consideration at the October 2010 Diocesan Convention.

The Committee asks that proposals be submitted electronically or on white 8-1/2×11 paper, typed and double-spaced, and contain at least two sections: the RESOLVE paragraph naming the desired action, and/or a FURTHER RESOLVED paragraph, as appropriate, providing for implementation of resolution if adopted, or the form WHEREAS…. Be it RESOLVED THAT and/or FURTHER RESOLVED THAT…. (click here for examples).

Each resolution should be accompanied by a short explanatory statement by the proponents.

Resolutions should have at least two sponsors and may be proposed by any communicants of any congregation in the diocese whether or not they are Convention delegates, or by any member of the clergy serving or residing in the diocese, whether or not eligible to vote at Convention. We appreciate it if the proponents' identifying parish affiliations are included.

Proposals should be forwarded to the Chair of the Committee: John Roberts, 773 Oak Dale Rd, Salisbury, PA 15558, or by email at

The deadline for submission is September 8, 2010.

Formal hearings will be held on proposed resolutions at preconvention meetings scheduled near the end of September.  Further hearings may be scheduled during the Conventions itself.

The members of the Committee on Resolutions are John Roberts, chair, the Rev.Dr. Jay W. Geisler, and the Rev. Leslie Reimer.

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