Council President: Jon Delano, St. Paul's, Mt. Lebanon
Secretary: The Rev. Jean Chess, St. Andrew's, Highland Park 

District 1
Open (2018)
Kevin Hipolit, Emmanuel, North Side (2019)
Bruce Quayle, Christ Church, North Hills (2020)

District 2
The Rev. Carol Henley, Calvary, East Liberty (2018)
Sheila Stagnitta, St. Andrew’s Highland Park (2019)
Frances Dannenberg, Redeemer, Squirrel Hill (2020)

District 3
The Rev. Linda Tardy WIlson, All Souls, North Versailles (2018)
Peter Balfe, St. Paul's, Mt. Lebanon (2019)
Jon Delano, St. Paul's, Mt. Lebanon (2020)

District 4
DuWayne Ladd, St. Peter’s, Blairsville (2018)
Kathy Baird, St. Peter’s, Blairsville (2019)
The Rev. Joseph Baird, St. Peter’s, Blairsville (2019)

Ex-officio Council Members
The Rt. Rev. Dorsey W. M. McConnell, Bishop
TBD, President, Standing Committee
Jerry Stephenson, President, Board of Trustees, Christ Church, North Hills
Andrew Roman, Chancellor of the Diocese, St. Paul’s, Mt. Lebanon
The Rev. James Shoucair, Secretary of Convention, Christ Church, North Hills
Betsy Hetzler, ECW President, Atonement, Carnegie


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