Are you willing to be involved in making sure our diocese and parishes are ready to respond when a disaster comes? 

The diocesan disaster preparedness coordinators need two kinds of volunteers:

  • People to serve on the diocesan disaster preparedness team. The team will work on having a basic plan in place so the diocese can respond to help when disaster strikes here in Southwestern Pennsylvania, and can be of service when disaster strikes other regions. The commitment will be for quarterly meetings, some possible training, and perhaps some tasks to prepare for the meetings.  
  • Parish contacts/coordinators who will help their own parishes make plans. There will be plenty of guidance and hints for parish coordinators including a soon-to-be-launched diocesan disaster preparedness web site.

If you are interested, you can contact either Joan Gundersen ( or the Rev. Howard Gillette ( or call the diocesan office 412-721-0853 and leave a message stating your interest and how to reach you.

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