The vestry, wardens, and rector of St. Michael’s of the Valley, Ligonier, issued a statement this week rejecting "recent actions in some portions of the church which have raised great concern" for them.

The statement specifically addresses two resolutions approved at this year’s General Convention that dealt with issues of sexuality in ordinations and liturgy, which, according to the vestry, "open the door to innovations which are not in concert with the majority of the Church" and are "contrary to scripture."

The vestry also said it believes that remarks made by the Presiding Bishop about the "heresy" of individual salvation are wrong.

The statement acknowledges that the St. Michael’s congregation has varying opinions on issues regarding sexuality. It also recognizes that "much good came out of the General Convention," including new liturgies for families who have lost children and a greater emphasis on evangelism.

The statement appears on the parish website at and is available by clicking here.

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