A New School Van for The Neighborhood Academy in Pittsburgh

We have been thrilled to have another van this year to help transport students to sporting events, field trips and performances. The importance of our having two vans lies in our experiential learning trips and our after-school programming; both are essential to our holistic approach to our students’ development.

Recently our 11th and 12th graders attended a theater performance of August Wilson’s Radio Golf without us having to rent a bus at a cost of $350 per trip. We also now have a competitive volleyball team who can use a van for matches but still leave an available van for use by the Arts Connection program or other field trips.

After their academic day, our African Drumming and Dance Corps can go to a performance and the golf students can get to the golf course, again, without us having to rent a van. There are many more examples of how, just after 2 months of school, the new van has created increased occasions for learning outside of the classroom including a camping trip, museum visits, a trip to the Carnegie Science Center and an overnight trip with our seniors to visit Allegheny College.

As we grow and expand our offerings, it is critical that we transport students to athletic competitions but also be able to use the city as our campus for other field trips and performances. The United Thank Offering’s generous grant has allowed us to not only save thousands of dollars in transportation expenses, but has opened up a world of opportunity to our hard-working students.

On behalf of our staff and students, thank you!

From: http://www.episcopalchurch.org/88381_72974_ENG_HTM.htm

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