The petition above is part of our prayers every Sunday, usually followed by prayers for the Nominating Committee, Transition Committee, and Standing Committee – which might lead you to believe one of these committees, or some combination thereof, will chose our next bishop.

Not true. These committees, while performing essential tasks in the search process for our next chief pastor, are not "those who shall chose a Bishop for this diocese."

These committees' work will only intensify over the next few months, even as many people enjoy a slower pace as the heat of summer builds. So I thought it might be helpful if you had a handy reference guide to the selection process.

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Editor's note: The paragraphs above are excerpted from June edition of the Christ Church, Indiana, Times newsletter. The Rev. William L. Geiger, Rector of Christ Church and President of our Diocesan Council, wrote a very clear, complete, and thoughtful overview of our bishop search process.

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