Elected At-Large

Board of Trustees:
Dana Phillips
, St. Thomas, Oakmont
Amy Shelley, St. Thomas, Canonsburg

Cathedral Chapter:
The Rev. Joseph Baird
, St. Peter’s, Blairsville
Anne Robb, Calvary, East Liberty

Commission on Ministry:
The Rev. Charles Hamill
, All Saints, Brighton Hghts. & Christ Church, North Hills

Constitution & Canons:
The Rev. Shawn Malarkey
, Nativity, Crafton
Betsy Hetzler, Atonement, Carnegie

Disciplinary Board:
The Rev. Catherine Brall
, St. Thomas, Canonsburg
The Rev. Jean Chess, St. Andrew’s, Highland Park
Jean Adams, Calvary, East Liberty

Standing Committee:
The Rev. Eric McIntosh
, St. James, Penn Hills
Russell Ayres, Calvary, East Liberty

Deputies to General Convention:

1-The Rev. Nancy Chalfant-Walker, St. Stephen's, Wilkinsburg
2-The Rev. James Simons, St. Michael's, Ligonier
3-The Very Rev. Canon Scott Quinn, Trinity Cathedral, Pittsburgh
4-The Rev. Kristian Opat, St. David’s, Peters Twp.

1-Jon Delano, St. Paul’s, Mt. Lebanon
2-Michael Braxton, Calvary, East Liberty
3-Lisa Brown, St. Paul’s, Mt. Lebanon
4-Jamie McMahon, Calvary, East Liberty

Clergy Alternates:
1-The Rev. Jeffrey Murph, St. Thomas, Oakmont
2-The Rev. T. J. Freeman, Calvary, East Liberty
3-The Rev. Bruce Robison, St. Andrew’s, Highland Park
4-The Rev. Nancy Threadgill, St. Mark’s, Johnstown

Lay Alternates:
1-Steve Stagnitta, St. Andrew’s, Highland Park
2-Joan Gundersen, Redeemer, Squirrel Hill
3-(tie) Erin Morey, St. Paul’s, Mt. Lebanon
3-(tie) Mary Roehrich, St. Andrew’s, Highland Park

Elected by District

District 1
Chair: Rick Mathews, Christ Church, North Hills
Vice-Chair: Rev. Bert Daly, St. Paul’s, Kittanning
Council: Kevin Hipolit, Emmanuel, North Side

District 2
Chair: The Rev. Michael Foley, Redeemer, Squirrel Hill
Vice-Chair: Roslyn Pratt, St. Matthew’s, Homestead
Council: Sheila Stagnitta, St. Andrew’s, Highland Park

District 3
Chair: Jon Delano, St. Paul’s, Mt. Lebanon
Vice-Chair: Amy Shelley, St. Thomas, Canonsburg
Council: Justin Rubenstein, St. David’s, Peters Twp.
Trustees: Betty Duckstein, St. Paul’s, Mt. Lebanon

District 4

Chair: The Rev. Nancy Threadgill, St. Mark’s, Johnstown
Vice-Chair: Courtney Foreman, St. Mark’s, Johnstown
Council (unexpired term): Duwayne Ladd, St. Peter’s, Blairsville
Council: Kathy Baird, St. Peter’s, Blairsville

Rosters of diocesan boards and committees are available at www.episcopalpgh.org/about/. In most cases, new terms begin on January 1st.

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