Saturday, November 8, 2014, Trinity Cathedral

Elected At-Large:

Board of Trustees:
Gerald W. Dalton, St. Stephen's, Wilkinsburg 
Michael A. Donadee, St. Brendan's, Franklin Park

Cathedral Chapter:
The Rev. Charles B. W. Hamill, Christ Church, North Hills
Anne W. Kinsey, St. Peter's, Brentwood

Commission on Ministry:
The Rev. Scott Russell, St. Brendan's, Franklin Park

Committee on Constitution and Canons:
The Rev. Dr. Bruce M. Robison, St. Andrew's, Highland Park
Kenneth R. Stiles, Calvary, East Liberty

Disciplinary Board:
The Rev. Hebert T. Daly, Jr., St. Paul's, Kittanning
The Rev. William L. Geiger, Christ Church, Indiana
Wesley Rohrer, St. Andrew's, Highland Park

Growth Fund Committee:
Joyce C. Morgan, All Souls, North Versailles

Standing Committee:
The Rev. Kristian McInnes, St. David's, Peters Township
Kathy Baird, St. Peter's, Blairsville

Elected by District:

District 1
Chair: Bruce Quayle, Christ Church, North Hills
Vice Chair: Rick Mathews, Christ Church, North Hills
Council: Joyce Donadee, St. Brendan's, Franklin Park
Trustees: Lew Davis, Christ Church, North Hills

District 2
Chair: The Rev. Carol Henley, Calvary, East Liberty
Vice Chair: Teri Dillon, Good Shepherd, Hazelwood
Council: Terlene Brown, Holy Cross, Homewood

District 3
Chair: Jon Delano, St. Paul's, Mt. Lebanon
Vice Chair: The Rev. Linda Wilson, All Souls, North Versailles
Council: Jeff Dunbar, St. Paul's, Mt. Lebanon

District 4
Chair: The Rev. Gwen Santiago, St. John's, Donora
Vice Chair: The Rev. Martin Wright
Council: The Rev. Vicente Santiago, Advent, Jeannette
Trustees: John Hose, Advent, Jeannette

Legislative Actions:
All matters presented to convention were adopted as submitted.

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