Saturday, November 2, 2013, at Trinity Cathedral

Elected at-large:

Board of Trustees
Russell W. Ayres, III, Calvary, East Liberty
Amy Jennings, St. Thomas, Canonsburg
Cathedral Chapter
The Rev. John R. Schaeffer, All Saints, Brighton Heights
Michele Baum, St. Paul's, Mt. Lebanon
Commission on Ministry
Carolyn R. Booker, St. Stephen's, Wilkinsburg
Constitution & Canons
The Rev. Charles B.W. Hamill, Christ Church, North Hills
Michael E. Braxton, Calvary, East Liberty
General Convention Deputies

1-The Rev. Nancy Chalfant-Walker, St. Stephen's, Wilkinsburg
2-The Rev. Dr. James B. Simons, St. Michael's, Ligonier
3-The Rev. Canon Scott T. Quinn, Nativity, Crafton
4-The Rev. Dr. Bruce M. Robison, St. Andrew's, Highland Park
1-Jon Delano, St. Paul's, Mt. Lebanon
2-Jamie McMahon, Calvary, East Liberty
3-Steve Stagnitta, St. Andrew's, Highland Park
4-Mary C. Roehrich, St. Andrew's, Highland Park
Clergy Alternates:
1-The Rev. Dr. Moni McIntyre, Holy Cross, Homewood
2-The Rev. William L. Geiger, Christ Church, Indiana
3-(tie) The Rev. Kris McInnes, St. Paul's, Mt. Lebanon
3-(tie) The Rev. Jeffrey D. Murph, St. Thomas, Oakmont
Lay Alternates:
1-Michael E. Braxton, Calvary, East Liberty
2-Betsy Hetzler, Nativity, Crafton
3-Joan R. Gundersen, Redeemer, Squirrel Hill
4-Michele Baum, St. Paul's, Mt. Lebanon
Disciplinary Board
The Rev. Ben DeHart, Nativity, Crafton
The Rev. Kris McInnes, St. David's, Peters Township
Erin Harter Janiak, St. David's, Peters Township
Standing Committee
The Rev. Chuck Weiss, St. Thomas, Canonsburg
Nick Hays, St. Paul's, Mt. Lebanon
Elected by District: 

District 1
Chair: Thomas Robinson, Christ Church, North Hills
Vice-Chair: Janet Fesq, St. Brendan's, Franklin Park
Council: Harvey Walker, All Saints, Brighton Heights
District 2
Chair: The Rev. Carol Henley, Calvary, East Liberty
Vice-Chair: Theresa Dillon, Good Shepherd, Hazelwood
Council: Steve Stagnitta, St. Andrew's, Highland Park
District 3
Chair: Betsy Hetzler, Nativity, Crafton
Vice-Chair: The Rev. Linda Tardy Wilson, All Souls, North Versailles
Trustees: Joe Karas, St. Peter's, Brentwood
District 4
Chair: The Rev. Dr. James B. Simons, St. Michael's, Ligonier
Vice-Chair: The Rev. Gwen Santiago, St. John's, Donora
Council: Kathy Baird, St. Peter's, Blairsville
All matters put to a vote at Convention, with one exception, were approved. A proposal to amend Canon XII.3 was referred back to the Committee on Constitution & Canons for further consideration.
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