October 30, 2015

Dear friends in Christ,

For more than a half-century, St. Martin’s Episcopal Church in Monroeville has played an important, if not unique, role in the life of our diocese as a whole, as I know it has for many of you individually. Its visibility along the Parkway provided the means to proclaim to thousands of drivers every day that Jesus is alive. It was a Spirit-charged community, and members of our clergy and lay leaders alike have been fostered by that charism. And, it was the final resting place for some of our departed sisters and brothers.

As I am sure you are aware, there has not been an active Episcopal Church congregation worshiping at St. Martin’s for several years and the diocese now intends to sell the property. We simply would not be the good stewards we are called to be if we were to retain the property given its physical condition. As the diocese explores new ways and places in which to minister to the people of the eastern suburbs, we should honor what has already been made possible in this place.

In that spirit, I invite you to join me in celebrating the legacy of St. Martin’s by gathering one last time inside the church to hear God’s Word and be fed at the Lord’s table. Our Eucharist will be held next Saturday, November 7th, at 11:00 a.m.  Clergy who so wish may bring a red stole. This service will mark a returning of the property to secular use as our tradition and Canons allow. At a later date, we will be blessing the bodily remains that have been transferred from St. Martin’s columbarium to a new place of rest at Christ Episcopal Church in the North Hills.

Let us pray now, as we will again in our final gathering at St. Martin’s, that the Lord be praised for the blessings, help and comfort He bestowed in that place, and that we be conscious at all times of His unchanging love.

Faithfully your bishop,


(The Rt. Rev.) Dorsey McConnell

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