“I will show you my faith by what I do.” (James 2:18)

The mission of the Social Justice and Outreach Committee of the Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh is to encourage the people of God to hear and respond to the cries of the poor, the hungry, the oppressed, and the alienated within our communities, the nation and the world. All this we do in the name of Jesus the Christ, who called us to feed his sheep.

In the coming months, the committee will sponsor film forums that focus awareness on social justice issues such as hunger and poverty, racism, Christian discipleship and global warming, immigration, and the death penalty. The films will be shown in various geographical regions of the diocese (the city, north suburbs, eastern counties, etc.), beginning with the first planned for Sunday afternoon, March 21, at Calvary Church in East Liberty.

Last fall, in preparation for the G-20 Pittsburgh Summit, we encouraged an understanding of world economic problems, noting how the concerns of the faith community that gathered there were also reflected in the Millennium Development Goals accepted by the Episcopal Church.

As our own diocesan response to those MDGs, we recommended that the .7% Lambeth Resolution Funds in the 2009 diocesan budget be divided between Episcopal Relief and Development, the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank, and needs of people of the Homewood community. That recommendation was accepted by Diocesan Council at its November meeting.

Last year the committee surveyed the parishes of the diocese in order to develop a contact list, find out about parish outreach activities, and solicit suggestions for diocesan-wide projects. About half the parishes responded; the others are asked to still respond.

Millennium Development Goals

1. End Hunger
2. Achieve Universal Primary Education
3. Promote Gender Equity
4. Improve Child Health
5. Improve Maternal Health
6. Combat HIV/AIDS
7. Ensure Environmental Sustainability
8. Create Global Development Partnerships

–by Nancy Lapp, Social Justice and Outreach Committee Chair

Committee members:

Suzanne DeWalt
Judi Eversman
The Rev. Dr. Jared Jackson
Nancy Lapp, chair
The Rev. Dr. Moni McIntyre
Wes Rohrer
Judy Rosensteel
The Rev. Nate Rugh
Jerry Stephenson


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