Prior to attending the General Convention in Salt Lake City in June, the Rev. Bill Geiger from Christ Church, Indiana, will be part of a 12-member team of Episcopalians, called the Steeple Chasers.

They will be running a 194-mile, 36-hour relay race through the Wasatch Mountains along the Idaho-Utah border to help raise $75,000 for ER&D on its anniversary.

Fr. Bill has completed 12 marathons, including the original Athens Marathon last November, but this rugged mountain race presents a whole new challenge.

Right now, ER&D is responding with initial relief operations focused on meeting urgent basic needs of people who were displaced or otherwise impacted by the earthquake in Nepal. Your gift supporting this effort will help make a difference.

Learn how to support Fr. Bill's race efforts for ER&D at their official webpage:

Please also pray for all those impacted by the earthquake in Nepal.

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