As the school year winds down and sights are set on the summer, Calvary Camp is ramping up for its 73rd consecutive year of recreation and spiritual growth on the shores of Lake Erie in an environment filled with the love of Jesus Christ.

There is good news for those that are still planning their summer: space is still available this summer!

Two of the traditional single-week camping sessions, Coed I (June 21 thru 27) and Coed II (July 5 – 11) currently have limited openings for both boys and girls.

There is also space available in two new and exciting programs: Ready, Set, Camp and Ready, Set, Lead.

Ready, Set, Camp (June 28 – July 1) is an abbreviated week that offers children ages 7-12 a full camp experience with traditional activities over a shorter period. This is a tremendous opportunity for first-time campers to participate in a shortened camping session.

Ready, Set, Lead (July 1 – 4) is a unique opportunity to develop skills necessary for young people to become effective servant leaders. It’s a program designed for campers following their 9th, 10th, or 11th grade years.

"To date, more than 85% of the children that were with us last summer are coming back to experience the wonder and community that is Calvary Camp," said Tim Green, Calvary Camp’s Executive Director.

Unlike many other summer camps nationwide, Green said that this year attendance figures have increased over last year. "To have growing interest in attending Calvary, in spite of the lagging economy and the difficulty in finding blocks of time in increasingly busy and complicated family schedules, is a real testament to the health and vitality of Calvary’s camping experience. It is an integral part of a child’s growth and spiritual formation," Green added.

Please consider joining the Calvary Camp family on the shore of Lake Erie this summer!

If you would like more information including online registration, check out our website at


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