The diocesan offices are moving from Monroeville to Trinity Cathedral in June.

For most of its history, Trinity Cathedral has been a hub of Pittsburgh's religious, social and political life, the center of the Diocese of Pittsburgh, and the seat of our Bishop. However, during the tumultuous decade from 1999 to 2009, the bishop's offices were relocated to the Oliver Building, and the historic suite on the third floor of Cathedral House was left largely vacant except for occasional meetings in the conference room and space for the diocesan archives.

Following the schism of 2009, the Standing Committee set up shop for Bishop Bob Johnson on the fifth floor of the Jonnet Building in Monroeville, from which Bishop Ken Price guided the diocese through the years leading to the election of the next permanent bishop.

Beginning in late 2012, Bishop McConnell began keeping office hours at Trinity one day a week; by the summer of 2014, he saw that it was time to make the move permanent, a decision he announced to widespread applause at the next diocesan convention.

Since the Golden Triangle is now being revitalized with massive new construction of residential and commercial space, there could be no better moment to re-introduce the full-time presence of our bishop. Finally, the symbolic importance of the cathedral, connecting all the parishes of the diocese together through the Office of the Bishop, is widely recognized among our clergy and people.

After years of struggle during the split, Trinity is entering a new period of stability under the leadership of Interim Dean Scott Quinn and is ready to recover its historic role as the Episcopal seat.

The move from Monroeville will be completed by the end of June, 2015.

The bishop and staff will once again occupy the third floor, including offices for the canon missioner, archdeacon, treasurer and financial assistant, executive assistant and archivist. The conference facilities will be upgraded and expanded. New lighting, painting, repairs and enhancements of ceilings, walls, and floors will provide a welcoming and attractive space for all visitors, and a safe and pleasant working environment.

Mindful of our responsibility to be good stewards of all our resources, the trustees of the diocese have hired Jendoco Construction, who have had a long working relationship with our diocese. The diocese has received a generous bequest from Margaret Zieg, a long-time member of Trinity Cathedral, and the trustees have voted to dedicate the major part of it to cover the cost of the renovations.

Effective June 15, the new address for the diocesan offices will be:

Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh 
325 Oliver Avenue, Suite 300 
Pittsburgh, PA 15222

The phone number, 412-721-0853, will not change.

In this, our 150th year, we look forward to establishing once again our bishop's presence in the heart of the city of Pittsburgh.

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