During the week of March 19, the nominees for Bishop will be here for a series of public forums, also called "walk-abouts." 

Each of the four evening district meetings will be divided into two parts: a plenary session followed by breakout sessions.  During the breakout sessions, the deputies to convention and others present will have the opportunity to address questions to the individual nominees.  During the plenary sessions, all the nominees will answer the same two or three questions that have been prepared in advance. 

The Transition Committee wants to get as much input as possible into the shaping of the questions that will be asked during the plenary sessions.  On March 3, at the Diocesan Leadership Day, we will work on developing those questions.

All members of the diocese have an opportunity to contribute to the formulation of those plenary session questions.  What one question would you like to ask our Bishop nominees?  Please fill out the form below and click "Submit" by March 1.  

Your questions will be used in the process of developing questions during the leadership day.

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