As a public service, we would like to remind you that Daylight Saving Time ends early Sunday morning, November 2nd.  Please remember to set your clocks back one hour.  If you forget and find yourself arriving at your church one hour early, below are the top ten things you can do while you wait:

10. Help out your Ushers by cleaning up the pews. Removing children’s artwork scrawled on pledge cards left over from 2006 would really help.

9. Straighten those candles that are leaning to the left or the right that you notice every week.  For your own safety, do not let the altar guild catch you doing this. We can not be responsible for what happens next.

8. DO NOT DISTURB THE RECTOR.  The finishing touches are still being made to this morning’s sermon.

7. Find the giant ring of keys in the Sexton’s office and try to identify what each key does.

6. Check out the lost-and-found. You know you have something in there.

5. Make a note replace the batteries in your smoke detectors… after church.

4. Use the time to try out different pews since the church will be empty for a while. Don’t worry, no one will see you!.

3. The choir might well be rehearsing for the upcoming service. Now would be a good time to ask the Tenor where he keeps the whiskey. (Suggested by Dr. D. Starr from St. Paul’s.)

2. Now is a good time to review our list of Episcopal parishes.  There may be enough time to visit and be welcomed with open arms.

1. The author of this list has run out of ideas.  If you have an idea for the #1 thing to do with your extra hour at church, please email your suggestion to with your idea(s).  All submissions will be posted here. Well, maybe not all. Please identify yourself and your parish with your submission for consideration.


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