Participate in an Online Prayer Drive.
St. Peter’s, Brentwood, is holding it's first ever online prayer drive. Visit the Prayer Board page on St. Peter's web site and post a prayer for Brittany Leap.  The goal is to collect hundreds of prayers for a special young lady.

Who is Brittany?
Brittany is a 15-year-old from Haymarket, VA, who suffers from a rare neurological disorder called Neurodegeneration with Brain Iron Accumulation (or NBIA). Shortly after her diagnosis in 2006, Brittany lost the ability to walk, talk, and consume food orally. She now uses an electronic device to communicate, a wheelchair to get around, and a feeding tube to gain nourishment. Despite all of her hardships, Brittany’s attitude remains positive and her will strong.

Though miles away, Brittany has ties to the Pittsburgh area and to St. Peter’s. Her father, Rich, is a Pittsburgh native, and St. Peter’s parishioner Georgianna Becker is a friend of the family.

You Can Make a Difference!
If you attend services at St. Peter’s, Brittany’s name may seem familiar to you, as it appears on our Sunday morning prayer list. But wouldn’t it be wonderful if Brittany and her family could see all of the prayers that are being sent to heaven on her behalf? It might be just the thing to help her through whatever struggles lie ahead.

It’s easy…Simply go to St. Peter's Prayer Board page, click the Add An Entry button, and complete the form. Feel free to enter as many prayers as you’d like. Pray for Brittany. Pray for her family. Pray for her doctors. Pray for the researchers who are looking for a cure for NBIA and more effective treatments for those who live with it.

The online prayer drive will end on Sunday, February 20. Is it possible? Hundreds of prayers in just two weeks? Let’s make it happen—for Brittany!

To learn more about Brittany and NBIA, or for information on donating to the NBIA Disorders Association, visit

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