(Update: Pittsburgh beat Detroit, 2-1, to claim the Stanley Cup.)

It was down to the wire.

It took until the morning of the do-or-die, winner-take-all, Game 7 finale of the Pittsburgh-Detroit Stanley Cup rematch for the Bishop of Michigan to step forward.

Could it be that the Rt. Rev. Wendell Gibbs is feeling confident? Or, could it be that he knows he’s about to augment his wardrobe, courtesy of a benevolent Bishop Robert Johnson of Pittsburgh?

For those of you that follow the “Sports” section of this website (I didn’t know there was one, you say?), it’s no secret that our Bishop Johnson is confident and proud of our local teams – and all the ready to hand out team hats to any fellow Bishop from an “opposing” diocese. After all, we’ve “been there, done that” with Arizona Bishop Kirk Smith over the Super Bowl.

Which gets us to this morning’s wager.

You have to read it, as offered, to believe it:

After the Red Wings win the Stanley Cup, Bishop Johnson would have to don Red Wing apparel of our choosing for a session of the House of Bishops at General Convention and, on a point of personal privilege, congratulate Detroit, Michigan and all the Red Wing fans on their well-deserved championship.

In the unlikely event that the penguins win, Bishop Gibbs would don Penguin apparel at said meeting, and make congratulatory remarks for Pittsburgh.

That should be easy enough for Bishop Gibbs to do!

Let the puck drop!


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