Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

We write as the diocesan bishops in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to let you know of our admiration, love, and concern for you in this challenging and hope-filled time. We are grateful for your decision to remain members of The Episcopal Church and to continue in the wide fellowship that we believe is Anglicanism at its best.

We know that as the continuing Diocese of Pittsburgh, your community includes people of a diverse range of views on many matters, as does each of the dioceses we serve. It is an important witness to the Church and to the world that you have chosen to stay in a relationship where Christians can focus on common mission and identity. We know that this has been a painful choice for some of you, and want you to know that the gratitude of Episcopalians throughout the state have for your choice is deep.

As a group and as individual bishops, we promise you to do anything and everything in our power to assist you in your reorganization and in your moving ahead in mission. We are, individually and as a group, ready to be with you when you meet, should that be something you would value. Members of our dioceses are also willing to be present with you for worship, fellowship, and witness. If there is any way at all that we can be of assistance to you, we sincerely request that you let us know.

In each of our dioceses you are being upheld in prayer, and some of our Standing Committees are even now writing to your own Committee expressing their support. We look forward to every opportunity God may give us in this time to draw Episcopalians in Pennsylvania closer together in service to our Lord Jesus Christ. In his name we ask God to bless and empower you!

Faithfully yours,

Bethlehem: Paul Marshall
Central Pennsylvania: Nathan Baxter
Northwest Pennsylvania: Sean Rowe
Pennsylvania: Allen Bartlett

Received October 16, 2008


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