A  New York Times article published Thursday, October 2, 2008 spotlights efforts by Across the Aisle members to keep the diocese in the Episcopal Church.  (Note: members of the remaining Pittsburgh diocese, not the national church, will select a new administration here. See “Next Steps: If Realignment Happens” for additional details. The Presiding Bishop is on record saying “The reconstituting of the diocese in Pittsburgh is being led by the people in Pittsburgh.”)

The NY Times has printed a correction to the article on October 7, 2008:
“An article on Thursday about a scheduled vote by the Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh on whether to secede from the national church misstated the process for selecting a new administration for the diocese in the event of secession. Because the diocese did indeed vote to secede on Saturday, the remaining local church members – not the national church – will now choose the administration.”

Read New York Times article here.


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