Building the Jesus Movement in the Diocese of Pittsburgh

This is an exciting season both for the Diocese of Pittsburgh and for The Episcopal Church.  When our Presiding Bishop Michael Curry was here in Pittsburgh, he called us all, as the Episcopal Branch of the Jesus movement, to follow Jesus into the work of evangelism, reconciliation and creation care. Together we are a part of the Body of Christ in southwestern Pennsylvania, and we are called to bring Jesus' loving, reconciling and life-giving presence to the world around us.* 

By serving on one of the diocesan governing bodies or committees, you can be a part of leading the diocese in that work.  

The Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh is now welcoming nominations of clergy and lay persons for election to membership on various governing bodies and committees of the Diocese. The Nominating Committee, co-chaired by the Rev. Nancy Chalfant-Walker and Mr. Russell Ayres, will be accepting nominations through July 1 for elections to be held at the Diocesan Convention on November 10-11, 2017. This year's convention will be held at Christ Church, North Hills.

At this year's Diocesan Convention we will be electing:

  • Two lay persons to the Board of Trustees
  • One lay person to the Growth Fund. 
  • One clergy and one layperson to:
    • the Standing Committee, 
    • the Cathedral Chapter, 
    • the Committee on Constitution and Canons
  • Two clergy and one lay person to the Disciplinary Board. 
  • One person (clergy or lay) to the Commission on Ministry. 

For more information on the work of the Boards and Committees, please click here.

Multiple candidates for open positions are accepted and encouraged. All positions carry a term of three years (ending in 2020) except for the Standing Committee which has a four-year term (ending in 2021).

Nomination forms are being mailed to all of the parishes in the Diocese and are also available here. Nomination forms must be co-signed by the Rector or Senior Ward of the nominee's parish and are due in the Diocesan Office by July 1 by mail or by email to In addition, a brief bio and photograph should be submitted electronically by July 31.

Please note that self-nominations are encouraged and accepted! We encourage all faithful Episcopalians to prayerfully consider volunteering to serve the Diocese as best suits their time and talents. Ponder the skills and gifts that you could bring to the ministry of the Diocese and to the work of Jesus in and through it. If anyone has questions about the work of any of the Diocesan committees, feel free to contact Rev. Nano at, Russ at, Lisa Brown at, or Rev. Michael at

Thanks to all,

Rev. Nancy Chalfant-Walker
Russell Ayres
Lisa Brown
Rev. Michael Foley

*Check out the Presiding Bishop's video on his understanding of what it means to be the Episcopal branch of the Jesus movement at

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