The Sam Shoemaker Community Steering Committee is a group of people in the diocese interested in sharing the insights of Dr. Shoemaker.

When: Saturdays, 10:30 to 11:30 a.m., in the Parish Calvary Episcopal Church, 315 Shady Avenue in East Liberty

What: Our initial sessions will be introductions and a small group discussion on: a topic suggested by a member of the group, or one of the six spiritual steps taught by Dr. Shoemaker, or a reading from one of the texts we may use for the group (i.e., Courage to Change (selections from Dr. Shoemaker) or Breathing Underwater (by Fr. Richard Rohr), among other resources. We will begin and end with prayer.

Why: Have you ever felt your life was unmanageable? Do you want to re-direct your life toward God’s will for you instead of practicing self-will? You are not alone!

How: Through group interaction and fellowship based on the spiritual principles of the Reverend Dr. Sam Shoemaker, former Rector of Calvary Church and inspiration to Bill Wilson, founder of Alcoholics Anonymous, millions have solved some of life’s toughest problems together. We can, too!

In order to achieve greater spiritual wholeness, our journey may use the founding principles of twelve step programs as a bridge that all can cross and benefit from, those in 12 step programs and those who do not have a church, as well as those in a church looking to take the next step in building a spiritual foundation in their lives.

Dr. Shoemaker believed that a person must undergo a spiritual awakening that is, the surrender of any kind of self-will that blocks the flow of spiritual power. Once people have faced such shortcomings in their own lives they can have something of real substance to use and pass on to others.

After addressing such issues, we seek God’s will for us, developing a greater sense of purpose which we can take into the world. For many, we hope that our groups will function as home base for support and feedback and models for living.

Who: You. Bring a friend. Ask a newcomer. Invite someone who doesn’t have a church community but may be curious about our group. Everyone is welcome whether or not you have a religious affiliation.

Join us! For more information, contact:
The Reverend David Else, 412.653.4585;
John Horchner,; or
Sondra Krimmel,

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