An Invitation: 

Come and be a part of a 2 week mission trip to the Mustard Seed Babies’ Home in Hoima Uganda.  The Babies’ Home has 63 children (from infants on up!) It has been in operation since 1994. 

The Babies’ Home is a ministry of the Mustard Seed Project, a 501c3,  not-for-profit organization.  All the children and staff will be blessed by your coming, but even more, you will be blessed by going! This year’s trip is August 14th through the 27th!

This is a great opportunity to help out at the MSBH. We like to call it a “Slice of Heaven on Earth”.  Come along and see for yourself! Whatever your skill set, God will use you to serve the Babies’ Home. God bless you as you consider this opportunity of a lifetime.

♦ Puppet Ministry
♦ Building Maintenance and Painting
♦ Medical Mission
♦ Women’s and Men’s Ministry 
♦ and of course, Loving the Kids of the MSBH! 

Come along this August 14th thru the 27th and Share the Love and Joy of the Children of the MSBH!

For More Information:
Contact Wally LaLonde or the Rev. Kathy LaLonde by email: or call (724)260-0474

Visit MSP’s Website:

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