Action taken by Diocesan Council at its meeting of March 8:

* Approved $9,000 in continued support of the reading program at Emmanuel Episcopal Church, Northside.
* Awarded $5,200 in continued support for the youth program at St. Peter's, Brentwood.
* Granted request for $5,000 to support the staff of the Coal County Hang-out Youth Center.
* Awarded $10,000 to the Church of the Holy Cross for critical structural repairs to the annex building while the parish awaits an insurance settlement.

In other highlights:

The Diocesan Life Committee promoted attendance by all parish leaders – elected or otherwise – at the April 10th "Moving Forward Together" Leadership Workshop. Its purpose is to strengthen relationships within the diocese as well as to help parishes grow. Additional detail on the event will be released within a few days. Council President, the Rev. William Geiger, also noted that Diane Duntley will replace him as chair of the committee.

A CREDO conference in May will also be open to all parish lay leaders and spouses. Rectors are currently being asked to submit names of appropriate individuals to the diocesan office.

Participation was encouraged in the Social Justice and Outreach Committee's Habitat project, beginning with an informational meeting March 21 at Calvary.

The Rev. Lou Hays, chairman of the Commission on Ministry, announced plans for the second diocesan Ordination Exploration Day to be held Saturday, April 24 at Calvary Episcopal Church.

The Pittsburgh Youth Initiative announced a diocesan youth retreat the weekend of May 15 at Calvary Camp. Parish youth directors will meet with Bishop Price on April 24.

Bishop Price confirmed that the 2010 Diocesan Convention will take place at Trinity Cathedral on October 15 & 16.

The Rev. Chuck Weiss was elected Council Secretary.

The next Council meeting has been moved to Tuesday, April 6, 7 p.m. at Calvary.

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