A live webcast featuring our bishop, the Rt. Rev. Robert H. Johnson, and the chair of our Standing Committee, the Rev. Dr. James Simons, will be held from 4:15 pm PDT  to 5 pm (7:15 to 8:00 p.m. EDT) on Tuesday, July 7. It will originate from the General Conventions Media Newsroom in the Anaheim Convention Center.

The participants will be the bishops of the four renewing dioceses (Pittsburgh, San Joaquin, Ft. Worth and Quincy) and another representative from each. Facilitating the conversation will be Neva Rae Fox, Public Affairs Officer of Episcopal Life Online.

The goal is to show the strength of the Episcopal tradition in these dioceses, coming together at General Convention to set a course for our future. Each participant will be illustrating the personal journey they have experienced to ‘keep the faith’, be true to the tenets of the Church, to heal and now to bloom again. General Convention 2009 is a kind of renewal celebration for each dioceses, who are again represented in a unified way at GC.

The format of the live webcast calls for each participant to make a statement on the progress, hopes, joys and ministry that is happening in their renewing diocese.

The webcast can be seen live on TEC’s General Concention Media Hub at http://gchub.episcopalchurch.org/. The webcast will be archived on the Media Hub and available for later viewing.


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