Do you have Saturday, May 7 reserved for a major diocesan event at Calvary Episcopal Church, 315 Shady Avenue in Shadyside, for all generations in the Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh?

Joyful People: A Day of Celebration is the title for a day of joyful worship and wide-ranging workshops bringing together the fullness of the family of the diocese. Sponsored by the Diocesan Life Committee, it is designed to give all ages and varied interests opportunities for learning, personal growth, help for parish leaders, and "time to talk" within a smorgasbord of options. The day will end with "The Bishop's Ice Cream Social."

This is a family-friendly event – nursery, preschool, elementary, and youth programs will complement a series of fifteen workshops, tours of Calvary architecture and stained glass, and a "bookstore browse." Workshops range from "Joyful People, Joyful Noises" for open-to-all singing to end-of-life issues of medical ethics, with topics in prayer and Bible study mixed in.

Workshops for parish interests include special topics for vestry, stewardship in smaller parishes, altar guilds, vergers, and parish communications. Parents and educators will want to consider "Building Healthy Families." And that's barely half of the options.

Persons with a history in the diocese going back to the early 1980s will recall a similar series of annual events called "All in God's Family."  Held at Calvary Episcopal Church then as now, the program elements gave time to renew friendships, make new friends, and just feel good abut being together in the part of God's Family we call the Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh. Ask diocese "veterans" about their memories. Come again or come for this first time!

Cost for the day (including informal lunch and the ice cream social) is $10 per person with a maximum of $25 for a family.

It's been a long time since we had such a gathering… and May 7 will soon be here.

Questions may be directed to or 724-349-2718.

Schedule for the Day

Registration and check-in: 8:45 – 9:15 a.m.
Morning worship: 9:15 – 10:00 a.m.
Workshop period 1: 10:15 – 11:15 a.m.
Workshop period 2: 11:30 – 12:30 p.m.
Lunch: 12:30 -1:15 p.m.
Workshop period 3: 1:15 – 2:15 p.m.
Closing worship: 2:30 – 3:00 p.m.
Bishop's Ice Cream Social: 3:00 – 3:30 p.m.

Registration Information

Cost: $10 per person to maximum of $25 per family.

Deadlines: Registration for adults and youth due by noon on Wednesday, May 4. Registration for children (nursery thru grade 5) is due by Monday, April 25 to facilitate appropriate staffing.

Process: Printable registration forms are available:
Click here for a registration form for youth and adults.
Click here for a registration form for children 5 grade and younger.

Please include registration form(s) for each family member with check.

Please send a check payable to Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh with Joyful People in the memo line to:
     Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh
     4099 William Penn Highway – Suite 502
     Monroeville, PA 15146

Late registration (after May 4) will be accepted on a walk-in basis on May 7 with workshop selection on a space-available basis.

Infant/Nursery care: Parents may take infants and toddlers (ages 0-1-2) to the Nursery starting at 9:00. Children ages 3 thru grade 5 should come to the opening service before being taken to their classrooms.

Parking: Space in Calvary's parking lot is limited; sharing rides is encouraged. Parking is available on surrounding streets. Some space may be available n the Park-n-Ride lot near the Giant Eagle at Shady &Penn. Do NOT park in the customers' lot at Giant Eagle as that may result in towing. Please respect the Sacred Heart lot as they have activities on that day.

Joyful People Workshops – Period 1

1A. Stewardship in Smaller Parishes
"We're a small parish." "The economy is bad." Before you throw up you hands, let this workshop expand your horizons and refresh your spirit. Clergy, vestry members, and parish treasurers will find this event helpful, but all parishioners who care about the state of their parish should also find ideas in this workshop about personal stewardship. John Wray, Director of Stewardship at Calvary Episcopal Church, has a long career in many dimensions of stewardship and has worked with parishes of all sizes.

1B. Altar Guild Connections
The work of the Altar Guild in each parish is rooted in the traditions of the Church and new insights based on the 1979 Book of Common Prayer, which offers a host of worship options. This will be a fun, interactive look at how the changes affect the altar guild–what has changed, what is the same; what is necessary, what is optional-all in accordance with the rubrics and the priest's direction. Workshop presenter Lynn Hendricks comes from Birmingham, Alabama and is an officer of the National Altar Guild Association. She will also suggest ways in which a diocesan network of altar guilds can support parishes and the diocese.

1C. End-of-Life Issues
Few areas in medical ethics are as difficult as those concerning death and dying. They raise questions about the meaning of life, the purpose of medical treatment, and a person's right to determine when medical treatment–and even life itself–should end. Whether planning for ourselves or loved ones, thought should be given sooner, rather than later. With an interactive presentation, group discussion, and Q&A, The Rev. Dr. Moni McIntyre, rector of Church of the Holy Cross, Homewood, and faculty member at Duquesne University, will lead this session. She also serves as a consultant to the U.S. Navy Surgeon General and teaches health care ethics to Navy physicians and dentists.

1D. Prayer for Families and Individuals
Our Book of Common Prayer offers many resources for use by families and individuals outside of parish worship. In this workshop participants will learn different methods of prayer with the prayer book and explore one method in more depth through a guided practice. If you have your own copy of the 1979 prayer book, please bring it with you. Workshop leader Dr. Martha Robbins is Joan Marshall Associate Professor of Pastoral Care at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary and worships at Calvary Church.

1E. Episcopal Church Perspectives
"What's happening in the Episcopal Church?" This and other questions you wanted to ask "someone who knows" will be welcomed at this workshop. Starting with an overview of the work of the Church and the changes that have happened, Dr. Simons will sort fact from fiction. There will be generous opportunity for questions from participants. The Rev. Dr. Jim Simons, rector of St. Michael's, Ligonier, is also a member of the Executive Council of the Episcopal Church, and chair of the committee that coordinates the flow of legislation at General Convention.

1F. Calvary Architecture Tour
Docents from Calvary's Architectural History Committee will offer tours focusing on the architecture and stained glass that grace the Gothic structure that is Calvary Church. Tours will be offered at all three time periods; sufficient tours will be offered to keep groups at 8 to10.

1G. Bookstore Browse
The Bookstore at Calvary will be open during the day. If you would like to be scheduled for a longer period to just browse (and maybe buy!) through this compact but rich resource, you may register as for a workshop period.

1Y. Youth program
Students in grades 6 to 12 will have a program stretching across the three workshop periods under leadership from Pittsburgh Youth Initiative and Calvary Camp staff. A range of interactive games, singing, and discussion will focus on critical issues; youth will prepare to share in leadership of the closing worship. Grade 3 to 5 youth will join the older students in period 3 for the "Calvary Camp thing." Calvary Camp staffers PJ Williamson and Neil Johnston will lead music in a program developed by PYI and Camp leadership.

1Z. Quiet Space for Meditation
Would you like some quiet time for meditation during the day? The small room on the hallway to the Lady Chapel will be available with background music and assorted materials for self-directed reflection. Carol Gonzalez will create a quiet space where you may come and go as you wish, with no registration required.

Joyful People Workshops – Period 2

2A. Exploring Roles of Vergers
The roles of vergers in Episcopal worship are varied and depend on the needs of the parish and clergy. Learn about vergers and how your parish might be supported by their ministry. Attendance by teams of clergy and laypersons from the same parish is preferred. Suggested preparation is viewing the website of National Guild of Episcopal Vergers at Presenting will be Calvary vergers Michael Braxton and G. Fred Roth.

2B. Telling Your Parish Story
Regardless of how we get the word out–weekly bulletins, monthly newsletters, websites, social media, the local press, or even word-of-mouth–what we say about ourselves is key. How do we define a simple, consistent, and effective message about who we are? Diocesan communication director Rich Creehan leads an exercise in developing a story line for your parish based on examples from recent events in the diocese and his 20-year career as a broadcast news producer and writer.

2C. Building Healthy Families
With the subtitle "This Side of the Womb: Freedom, Responsibility, and Parenting," this workshop will help parents build a framework for their most important role. God has delegated the job of parenting to us mere mortals. Have we lost control? Participants will examine the Prodigal Son and his Dad as a role model. This with be guided discussion from one parent to another. The Rev. David Else, who will lead this workshop, is both a priest serving at Church of the Advent, Jeannette, and a psychologist at the Center for Spirituality.

2D. Prayer in Community
Our prayer life and our communities (parish and beyond) are enriched by praying with others. Four groups that have prayer in common, but with different structures and emphases, will be showcased. Sharing their perspectives will be Celinda Scott (Anglican Fellowship of Prayer), Kate Geiger (Daughters of the King), John and Annis Rogers (Cursillo), and Catherine Davidson (centering prayer groups).

2E. Time to Talk
"We need more time just to talk" has been a comment from the evaluations of two events sponsored by the Diocesan Life Committee: "Moving Forward Together" in April 2010 and "The Conversation Continues" at the 2010 Diocesan Convention. This opportunity will start with sorting out interests and then move into interest-based groups to "just talk." Walter Bowman, Diocesan Life Committee member, will be joined by the Rev. Jeff Murph of St. Thomas Church, Oakmont, and chair of the Standing Committee, to lead this workshop.

2F. Calvary Architecture Tour
See description for workshop 1F.

2G. Bookstore Browse

See description for workshop 1G.

2Y. Youth Program
See description for workshop 1Y.

2Z. Quiet Space for Meditation
See description for workshop 1Z.

Joyful People Workshops – Period 3

3A .Vestry Responsibilities and Resources
Vestry members in particular have the opportunity in this workshop to learn the responsibilities assigned to them by the Episcopal Church canons and diocesan canons. Diocesan chancellor Andrew Roman will explore the expanded roles of vestry as partners in leadership with the clergy. Participants will be introduced to the online archives of the newsletter Vestry Papers and the new online resource Vital Practices, as well as printed resources. Discussion will provide time for sharing in response to questions and issues raised by participants.

3B. Food for Thought–and Action
Cooperating churches, agencies, and hunger relief organizations have united in an effort to significantly reduce hunger and food insecurity in southwestern Pennsylvania in the next five years. What more can we do as individuals, churches, and a diocese to help fulfill this millennium goal? Find out how not just food, but nutritious fare, is necessary, and learn about the Community Garden movement. Be a part of the diocese's latest projects to bring us together for this cause. This workshop is designed by the Social Justice and Outreach Committee under the leadership of Nancy Lapp. Committee members and all others interested in the ongoing work of social justice and outreach are welcome.

3C. Joyful People, Joyful Noise
"Make a joyful noise unto the Lord" is your option in this workshop period of singing "just for fun." Join members of the Calvary and St. Paul's, Mt. Lebanon, choirs in connecting with our voices and singing a variety of sacred music, some familiar, some not-so-familiar. Choral experience or music-reading ability is not required; come and enjoy some musical fellowship. Dr. Alan Lewis, Director of Music at Calvary, will coordinate this activity.

3D. Perspectives on Healing Prayer
Members of the Order of St. Luke will offer this workshop to introduce aspects of healing prayer. The Rev. Arthur Dilg will focus on the Church's ancient ministry of healing in the sacrament of anointing. The Rev. Kamila Blessing will offer biblical perspectives on healing as ell as healing in ordinary life, with opportunity for participants to share their experiences. Cindi Leap will present information about the Order of St. Luke and explore interest in forming a chapter at the diocesan level; she will also discuss the path to membership in the order.

3E. Bible Study
A weekly day of rest for everyone? A year in which all land lies fallow? Another year in which all debts are cancelled and slaves set free? Do these ancient traditions have anything to say to us in 21st-century America? And, if so, what might it be? Using the title "A Fractal of Festivals: Sabbath to JubiIee" for our Bible study, participants will explore the Sabbath and Jubilee traditions in Scripture and ponder what God might want to say to us about them. The study will be led by the Rev. Nancy Chalfant-Walker who is rector of St. Stephen's Episcopal Church, Wilkinsburg, and who also chairs the Transition Committee for the Bishop Search Team.

3F. Calvary Architecture Tours
See description for workshop 1F.

3G. Bookstore Browse
See description for workshop 1G.

3Y. Youth program

See description for workshop 1Y.

3Z. Quiet Space for Meditation
See description for workshop 1Z.

Building Your Schedule: Some Suggestions

With a smorgasbord of 15 workshops and three other options, selecting choices may be challenging. All workshops and options are open to all registrants. Some may want to focus on a related theme. Consider the following if you want to focus on a particular theme:

Parish leadership:
1A Stewardship in Smaller Parishes
2A Exploring Roles of Vergers
3A Vestry Responsibilities and Resources

Service by parishioners:
1B Altar Guild Connections
2B Telling Your Parish Story (communications)
3B Food for Thought-and Action (social justice)

Personal growth:
1C End-of-Life Issues
2C Building Healthy Families
3C Joyful People, Joyful Noise (singing)

Aspects of prayer:
1D Prayers for Individuals and Families
2D Prayer in Community
3D Perspectives on Healing Prayer

Open options:
1E Episcopal Church Perspectives
2E Time to Talk
3E Bible Study: Sabbath and Jubilee

Exploration (not workshops):
1F-2F-3F Tour of Calvary Architecture and Stained Glass
1G-2G-3G Bookstore Browse
All day Quiet Space (self-directed meditation)

A Joyous Lunch

Lunch will be available in multiple lines in the Refectory at Calvary.

Since the youth will be meeting in the other end of the Refectory, they will break and go through the lines a few minutes early to make space available for workshop participants.

Parents should pick up children in grade 5 and below in their classrooms and accompany them to lunch.

Building Your Bag Lunch: Individuals and families will build their bag lunch with selections of the following:

-veggies (carrots and celery) in snack bags
-fruit selection (apple, half banana)
-sandwich selection (ham and cheese, roast beef with cheese, turkey with cheese, cheese, or PB&J) in baggie
-selection of assorted bag of chips or pretzels
-selection of beverage (sodas, milk, juice box)
-napkin, condiments, hand wipes

Dessert will be available at end of the day during the Bishop's Ice Cream Social.

Dining Locations:

-refectory, parish hall, conference room
-as weather permits, spread your blanket in the Swan Garden
-as weather permits, the parking lot will be closed to traffic during lunch for tailgating

Ice Cream Social:  Bishop and Mrs. Price invite you to end the day with ice cream and fellowship in the refectory and other areas.

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