Many Parishes in the Diocese purchase medical and dental insurance through the Diocese and receive a monthly statement for the premiums which is due in advance. The premiums for November coverage are due on October 20, 2008.

Until further notice, all Parishes who participate in these insurance programs, even those Parishes who remain in The Episcopal Church, should continue to send their checks for these premiums made payable to The Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh to the address on the invoice (535 Smithfield Street, Suite 900, Pittsburgh, PA 15222). This is being done as an agreed practical solution and does not mean that you identify yourself as a "realigned" Parish, or that those supporting "realignment" remain the "Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh."

This does not apply to monthly Parish assessment payments. Parishes that remain in The Episcopal Church should send these monthly Diocesan assessment payments to The Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh at its temporary administrative office located at 989 Morgan Street, Brackenridge, PA 15014.


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