Youth from the Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh are serving as ambassadors helping plan "Hope through Creativity," an event to shine a light on the plight of homeless children and youth.  Every aspect of the event is being planned by high school teens for high school teens. 

The event will feature work of various genres from young artists. Teen artists are encouraged to submit their work. The event is sponsored by the Homeless Children's Education Fund.

As always, if interested in this or any other diocesan youth event, please feel free to contact Brent Hansen at 412-491-9738 or

April 26th 3:00-5:30 p.m.
Grand Priory 
614 Presley Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15212

Pittsburgh's passionate, high school artists, where you at? 

We want YOU to tackle the subject of educating the homeless. We're looking for visual artists, literary artists, musicians, and dancers capable of expressing the desperate need for educational opportunities in the homeless community.  We're looking for adolescent talent that touches a high school audience in a way that creates an awareness of how powerful education is, edifies them on the reality of homelessness, and equips them with the mindset to go out and make a change in their community.

If you experienced housing instability and are willing to share your testimony at this event, please let us know.
Deadline for submissions is April 10th. Visit 

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