On Saturday, August 27, St. Brendan's, Franklin Park, and Christ Church, North Hills, hosted a Godly Play workshop.

Sixteen people from five different congregations were represented. Dawn Stewart, a certified Godly Play trainer,led everyone through stories including Bible stories, Liturgical stories, and Parables. Dawn taught methods to get the children to settle down and also gave examples of ways to engage them in the story being told. 

Everyone had fun participating in the stories as Dawn taught us how to get children to engage in I wonder….? We were asked to wonder, to dream, to enter into the story and make it our own.

Dawn and her husband, Rich, demonstrated how the Doorperson should greet children at the door and warmlywelcome them into class. Rich, a retired professor from Philadelphia Lutheran Seminary, showed us how the Doorperson works with the Storyteller – each with their own responsibilities with the children.

Everyone left feeling excited about sharing the stories with children. More importantly, we were taught that through Godly Play our children are being formed as Christians. They are taught to be respectful of others. Godly Play helps children to articulate their faith as they enter into their faith story, and they are taught the power of a worshiping community.

We are thankful for Dawn and her spirited, enthusiastic teaching and for Rich's gentle loving presence.

–The Rev. Ted Babcock & Joyce Donadee

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