The EDUCATION for MINISTRY (EfM) groups in Pittsburgh are recruiting new members for the Wednesday evening seminar, starting in early October, and the Thursday morning seminar, starting in mid-September. Both meet at Calvary Episcopal Church in East Liberty. The Wednesday seminar meets weekly from 6-9 p.m. the Thursday seminar meets 9:30 a.m.- Noon.


EDUCATION for MINISTRY is NOT a college or seminary class. It has: No papers; No tests; No grades; No instructor; No diploma; No credit.

EfM IS a Christian Formation program, offered for over 40 years by the School of TheologyUniversity of the South (Sewanee).

It is NOT a Bible Study Group. It is NOT a catechumens process. It is NOT a therapy or 12-step group.

EfM IS a weekly seminar that uses Scripture, tradition, reason, and experience to reflect theologically on the Christian life. Trained mentors lead seminar groups in local meetings and online as well.

EfM IS NOT for discernment of a priestly or diaconal vocation. EfM IS for discernment of ministry as a baptized Christian person, in whatever circumstances one is.

EfM IS NOT for "professional," or even particularly devout Christians. EfM IS for sincere seekers after understanding, insight, and appreciation of the experience of God in everyday life.

EfM IS NOT a four-year commitment. EfM IS a one-year commitment, which can be renewed for four years.

EfM IS NOT expensive. Yet, EfM IS NOT free. Tuition is necessary for curriculum development, training, materials, and administrative costs.

The Diocese of Pittsburgh is a member diocese of EfM, offering discounted tuition rates. Scholarships are available for those for whom tuition would be prohibitive.

For more information contact Vanessa Sterling, Diocesan EfM Coordinator, at 412-551-2042 or 

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