Ultreya? So what is an Ultreya and what does it mean?

The literal translation from Spanish is "Going Forward". For those in Cursillo it is a time of refreshment and renewal. We get our strength from this 2 hour event.

If I didn't go to Cursillo can I come to the Ultreya?

Absolutely! Attendance at a Cursillo is not mandatory and we don't check to see if you know the "secret handshake" (There is no secret handshake, that phrase is just to prove a point) to come to the Ultreya at Church of the Nativity in Crafton on Sunday, November 7th starting at 4pm.

For those who have never been to Church of the Nativity, it is best to use "Google or Mapquest". The address is 33 Alice Street, Pgh 15205. Please keep 412-370-0989 if you get lost on the way.

We will start with Music provided by The Rev. Vicente & Gwen Santiago. Followed by floating reunion groups in which we reflect on a life in Grace and the 3 principals of Piety, Study and Action. The Lay Witness talk will be given by Lionel Deimel, with the Clergy response by The Rev. Canon Scott Quinn. Steve Stagnitta will again guide us through the day.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact any of the board members. You can find their names on our website: www.cursillo-episcopal-pgh.org

–From Cindy Leap

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