The Committee on Canons has issued its recommendations in advance of a public forum on Wednesday, August 12, 2009 at 7:30 p.m. at St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church in Highland Park. The report can be viewed by clicking here (PDF).

The forum is an opportunity to ask questions and make suggestions about the proposed changes to the diocesan constitution and canons.

The committee will be working toward a final draft of the revisions to be reviewed at the Diocesan Council meeting of August 24, 2009.  A final version will then be developed and submitted for consideration at the October 16 & 17, 2009 Diocesan Convention.

From the cover page of the report:

This document contains recommendations for changes to the constitution and canons of the Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh. These recommendations are being presented now to solicit feedback from interested parties before the Committee on Canons presents its official report of recommendations to be acted on at the next convention.

The Committee on Canons has worked diligently throughout 2009 to prepare these recommendations. There was not sufficient time to develop proposals for every change to our constitution and canons that might be beneficial. The recommendations offered to the diocese, therefore, represent proposed changes to the governing documents of the diocese that seem most urgent to effect.

The specific constitution articles and canons addressed in the document are:

Article III – Members of Convention
Article XII – Deputies to Extra-Diocesan Conventions or Synods
Article XIII – Admission of Parishes
Canon VII – Of the Director of Administration
Canon XI – Of the History and Archives of the Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh Registrar/Historiographer
Canon XX – Of the Mode of Election of Rector or Other Member of the Clergy
Canon XXIII & Canon XXXIII – Of Definition of Titles and Definitions
Canon XXV – Of Vacant Parishes
Canon XXVI – Of Deputies to the Provincial Synod


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