Please welcome the Church of the Advent, located in Pittsburgh's Brookline neighborhood, as the parish resumes full and active participation in the Episcopal Diocese after a period of almost eight years.

Advent has a long history and rich heritage serving the South Hills since 1904, including hosting weekly AA and TOPS meetings, supporting the Brookline Food Pantry and participating in Brookline Ministerium programs such as the annual live Christmas manger. A highlight of Advent's current outreach is its annual Christmas Day Dinner served to the greater Brookline community. Last year the parish served nearly 700 meals, with some dining in the church undercroft, some meals carried out, and many meals delivered to homes in the area.

Serving the parish during this time of transition is a ministry team led by the Rev. Dick Pollard and Doug Kinsey, a candidate for ordination. In late spring, Fr. Dick, a priest at Advent ten years earlier, received a call from parishioners concerned that their long-time senior warden, who recently had been placed in hospice care, was receiving no pastoral care. A developing relationship with that family led to wider conversations with Advent members and eventually to the unanimous decision by the congregation to resume its participation in the life of the diocese. 

Following a policy and practice approved by Diocesan Convention concerning all parishes that resume active participation, Advent's renewed status comes without penalty or repercussion. 

Welcome Home Advent!

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