The Social and Economic Justice Office of the Episcopal Church Center has awarded 108 Jubilee Ministry grants in 50 dioceses for 2011 and 2012 in four categories for more than $165,000 to support mission and ministry throughout the Episcopal Church.

The 2011 categories are: health and nutrition; diocesan development; local development poverty alleviation initiatives; and miscellaneous. The 2012 categories are summer camps and Asset-Based Community Development (ABCD) training workshops.

The Coal Country Hangout Youth Center in Northern Cambria was awarded grants totaling $1,750 in the summer camp grant and health and nutrition grant categories.

Jubilee Ministries are congregations or agencies with connections to the Episcopal Church whose mission efforts affect the lives of those in need, addressing basic human needs and justice issues. Grants to Jubilee Ministries are awarded annually.

Congratulations to the Rev. Ann Staples, Director of Coal Country Hangout Youth Center, and her staff.

Additional information can be found on a press release from the Episcopal Church Office of Public Affairs.

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