We need people to pray, advise, plan, and lead in exploring renewal of Cursillo in the Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh.

If you can do any or all of those things, and would be willing to be included in a prayer and planning network, please contact Celinda Scott at celinda@fastmail.fm or Cindy Leap at cindleap@atlanticbb.net.

Our first meeting will be Thursday, March 11 at 10:30 a.m. at the diocesan office in Monroeville with Bishop Price.

If Cursillo is new to you: a "Cursillista" is someone who has participated in "Cursillos de Cristiendad," or "short courses in Christianity." It began on the island of Majorca in the 1940s as a way of helping people who had lost their faith after WW II regain it. Its special format spread from the Roman Catholic Church, whose laity initiated it, to other denominations. It was introduced to the Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh in the 1980s."

From the National Episcopal Cursillo web site:

What is Cursillo?
Cursillo is intended to help Christians learn and live what is fundamental as a Christian and to help these same
Christians discover and live out a personal vocation. Cursillo is a movement of the Episcopal Church, under the authority of the Presiding and Diocesan Bishops. The goal of Cursillo is to bring the world to Christ by empowering adult Christian leaders through the use of a specific method, which equips and encourages Christians to live out their Baptismal Covenant to serve Christ.

What is the Purpose of Cursillo?
Its purpose is to help those in the church understand their individual callings to be Christian Leaders. The leadership may be exercised in work situations, in the family, in social life, in leisure activities, and within the Church environment. Leadership, in Cursillo, does not mean power over others, but influence on others; all of us need to be aware that we can exert a positive influence on those around us.

What does Cursillo do?
It helps to renew and deepen Christian commitment. Many people have said Cursillo provides an important learning experience which causes many to feel like newly made Christians with a purpose and with support.

What is the Cursillo Movement About?
Cursillo is patterned on Jesus’ own example. He searched out and called a small group of potential leaders
(pre-Cursillo); He trained them by word and example and inspired them with a vision (the Three-Day Weekend); He linked them together and sent them out into the world to bring the world to Him (the Fourth Day).

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