“Little drops of water, little grains of sand make the mighty ocean and the pleasant land”   –children’s nursery rhyme

Using Blue Boxes in homes throughout the year is an old tradition of offering thanks for daily blessings. Every penny collected in the parishes of our diocese, combined with those from other dioceses, goes toward changing lives here in Pittsburgh and around the world. Because of its missionary nature, all UTO collections are awarded in grants to help others in need. None is used for administrative purposes.

The UTO collection date is up to the individual parish. Blue Boxes and/or Blue UTO collection envelopes may be ordered FREE of charge and mailed directly to an individual or parish from the following website: http://episcopalmarketplace.org/Products/United-Thank-Offering 

Twice a year, the Episcopal Church Women of the Diocese of Pittsburgh sponsors a diocesan-wide UTO Ingathering where representatives from each parish are welcome to take part in the procession. Each parish representative will carry an envelope with their parish name. The envelopes from parishes who have already completed their UTO Ingathering should contain a check for the collected amount made out to the current treasurer of the diocesan ECW board. Envelopes from parishes who have not as yet had their UTO Ingathering should contain a note with the approximate date of their parish UTO Ingathering. At the time of the diocesan-wide ingathering, whether your parish has done a collection or not, ALL parishes are welcome to take part in the Ingathering procession.

Please share this information with your congregation.

See you at the up-coming diocesan-wide UTO Ingathering!

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