On the Road to Africa: Getting There Is Half the Fun

Thursday, April 16th

The fun began when Dr. Mark Guy and I arrived at Dulles International Airport early Tuesday morning to discover that our flight had been delayed nearly three hours. This meant we would be spending a day in Dubai, and leaving Thursday morning for Entebbe, Uganda. It occurred to me I had been praying all week for more time to finish work I brought with me and to prepare for the beginning of the addictions conference on Friday. I guess God heard me!

If you took the set from The Jetsons, pasted it into the Waterfront Mall, multiplied by 1,000, then dropped the whole thing into the middle of the desert, you’d have Dubai. Our flight attendant said it was a great place to go clubbing. (Isn’t this a Muslim country??) Mark and I both being middle-aged Christian nerds, we elected a more sedate option: lunch, followed by nap, some planning for the conference, dinner, conversation, prayer, and bed.

Woke up today feeling very rested (maybe this layover wasn’t a bad idea after all), made the plane in plenty of time. This, however, means we will be arriving in Kampala mid-afternoon, and leave immediately for Soroti, a rugged seven-hour drive. I am hoping Jay made it in from Brussels last night!