After months of outreach to parishes, the Search/Nominating Committee has moved on to its next task – writing a Narrative Profile based on the results of over 500 surveys completed by Episcopalians across the diocese.  The Profile will be posted on our web site and distributed across The Episcopal Church by mid-August. 

"Broad distribution of this profile will help potential candidates learn about us and consider whether they are being called to serve our diocese," reports Jinny Tuscano Ledgard from St. Michael's in the Valley, one of several members of the committee who spent hours analyzing the findings.

The surveys probed what we value about being Episcopalian; our experience of the last few years; our hope for the future of the diocese with the new bishop; and the qualities, skills, and attributes that we discern to be what God wills for the next bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh.  Collectively, they form a rich picture of our past, our present, and future.

"We are truly grateful for the warm reception we got as we travelled to among parishes," said Joe Baird of St. Peter's, Blairsville.  "Clergy and parishioners reached out to welcome us and to share their thoughts and ideas to help shape this profile."
Once the profile is published, the Search/Nominating Committee will begin collecting names of potential candidates.  Watch future issues of Grace Happens for directions on how to submit names of people you feel meet the profile.

-Dana M. Phillips, Nomination Committee Chair
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