Bishop Kenneth Price describes himself as having a "genuine love of people," a recognition of a "need for the daily direction of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ," and "like it or not, a gift for administration."

On Monday evening, the Bishop spoke and fielded questions during his public introduction as the nominee to be Provisional Bishop, should Diocesan Convention agree.

Bishop Price spoke of healing wounds, of allowing people to step forward to lead in times of dramatic change, and of celebrating what unites us, even when we disagree among ourselves or with the larger Episcopal Church.

He opened by telling of his love for the Steelers, Penguins, and Pirates, but he said, "as a WVU graduate, I stop short of rooting for Pitt."

An audio recording of Bishop’s Price’s remarks can be heard by clicking the play button below.

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Resolution to Empower Provisional Bishop
The following is an excerpt from the resolution to be voted on at Diocesan Convention that will formally name Bishop Price as the Provisional Bishop:

Whereas, the Standing Committee is recommending to Convention that the Ecclesiastical Authority of the Diocese devolve upon the Rt. Rev. Kenneth L. Price, Jr., Bishop Suffragan of the Diocese of Southern Ohio; therefore be it

Resolved, that pursuant to Canon III.13.1 of the General Convention of the Episcopal Church, this Convention approves, accepts, and insofar as necessary hereby implements the recommendation of the Standing Committee that the Diocese be placed under the provisional charge and authority of the Rt. Rev. Kenneth Price (the "Provisional Bishop") to exercise all the duties and offices of the Bishop of the Diocese, until a Bishop is elected or ordained for the Diocese, or until this act of Convention is revoked by a subsequent act of Convention.

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