A video recording of the walk-about plenary session at St. Brendan's, Franklin Park, on Tuesday, March 20 is now available.  In it, each of the nominees for bishop answers the three questions that have been addressed to the nominees at all the plenary sessions. 

The questions that the nominees are answering are the three questions that were pre-determined before the walk-about and sent to the nominees for preparation.  They were developed by soliciting questions from the diocese at large by email and at the diocesan leadership day held on March 3. 

DVDs of the questions and answers were sent to each parish in the diocese with the hope that they will be able have an adult education session or parish forum to listen to the nominees and then reflect on their gifts and potential calling to the ministry of bishop here in our diocese.   

The videos are also available online on the Bishop Search section of the diocesan web site. Click on an individual nominee's name in the left column to view that nominees' video.

We hope this will help us all in the discernment process.

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