At the 77th General Convention of the Episcopal Church, meeting in Indianapolis, IN, the House of Bishops and the House of Deputies each agreed unanimously to consent to the election of our next bishop, the Rev. Dorsey McConnell.

One of the early events kicking off convention was Dorsey's appearance before the cognate Committee for the Consecration of Bishops on Wednesday, July 4. This is the first step in the consent process at Convention. Committee approval was required to move the resolution for consent by the House of Deputies for approval followed by a vote in the House of Bishops.

Questions came from many committee members including former Pittsburgher, Bishop Chilton Knudsen of Maine. As a young person,  Bishop Chilton was a member of St. Paul's, Mt. Lebanon, Church of the Redeemer, Squirrel Hill, and is a graduate of Chatham College. She was a very enthusiastic and supportive of our diocese.

Our Bishop-Elect's approval was exuberant and unanimous in both houses

On Friday, the Pittsburgh deputation had the honor of escorting Dorsey+ onto the floor of the House of Deputies for introduction as our next Bishop Diocesan.

Following a standing ovation from more than 850 deputies (and the obligatory waving of some terrible towels) Dorsey+ was officially seated, with voice, in the House of Bishops.

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