A major step in the re-opening of the diocesan archives has been taken this fall with the appointment of an interim archivist and History and Archives Commission. For over a year, the historical records of parishes and diocesan organizations have been boxed and locked in storage. This has been a problem for genealogists and others who needed confirmation of births, marriages, and baptisms for their family research or for a variety of legal or family reasons. The lack of access to records of continuing parishes and diocesan organizations has also been a problem as groups tried to re-establish their own activities, celebrate events, or check building records before starting a building project.

Bishop Price has chosen historian Joan Gundersen as interim archivist for her work as an Episcopal Church historian and because as diocesan administrator she has been doing much of the preliminary work necessary to gain records access and set up an actual physical space. The bishop was able to select commission members from a pool of volunteers larger than needed to fill all spots on the commission. Those selected bring a range of expertise, including professional background in library and archival work; experience in genealogy, parish archives and Pittsburgh history; and skills in electronic media, administration, and development. Drawn from five different parishes in the diocese, the new members are: Marilyn Evert, Mary Ann Slater, Sandra Collins, James Cassaro, Gary Gaertner, and Karen Rose Overholt Critchfield.

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