At the August 7th Diocesan Leadership Day, all of the committees, commissions and organizations that make up our diocese kicked off the day with what can be best described as a "schedule-o-rama."

Looking ahead through the end of 2011, all special events, meetings, worship gatherings and celebrations were planned by more than 30 groups.

Each group, one by one, had the opportunity to present their calendar items to the larger group. Two themes became apparent at the end of the morning:

♦ The symbiosis and cooperation between all of the groups, regardless of size or visibility, was remarkable.

♦ Judging from the many pages of hand-written notes and the piles of Post-It notes on sixteen poster-sized monthly calendars and the quality of the programming discussed, we are an extremely energetic, diverse and Christ-centered diocese.

The hard work of the group is reflected in the on-going updates to the diocese' web site calendar. The updates are continuing and should be complete by the end of this week.

There was a call issued at the meeting for all parishes to submit their special events for inclusion on the master calendar. Details can be emailed to

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