Dear Friends in Christ,

This is an exciting time in the life of our diocese.  Just look at all that has happened within the last month or so … We were blessed by a visit from The Reverend Becca Stevens and her colleagues from Thistle Farms, who shared their inspiring story of bringing hope and healing to victims of trafficking, abuse, and addiction. We introduced a new learning-focused approach to our annual convention and enjoyed enlightening workshops on family faith formation, digital ministry, and small-group discipleship.  And a group of six clergy and lay leaders represented our diocese at the recent Evangelism Matters conference in Dallas, returning with renewed energy for sharing the gospel of Christ, tools to do so, and ideas for equipping others for the task. All this as we eagerly anticipate and busily prepare for a visit from Presiding Bishop Michael Curry in early February.

It is our hope that, through events such as these, your eyes will be opened to fresh opportunities for ministering to the needs of your neighbors, and you will be moved to respond to Christ’s call in new and deeply impactful ways. To assist with your response, we are delighted to make available to you the 2017 Parish Mission Grant Application. In line with the themes of the Presiding Bishop’s ‘Pittsburgh Pilgrimage,’ the Parish Mission Grants are intended to help fund initiatives aimed at enhancing evangelism and mission through person-to-person interaction with those the parish seeks to serve, as well as programs designed to promote racial reconciliation in our neighborhoods.

Grants will be awarded for brand new initiatives and the significant expansion of existing programs. They will be awarded on a first come, first served basis, until the designated funds are depleted. The grants will typically range between $1,000 and $5,000. Apply today, or take some time over the next few months to prayerfully consider how your parish might use this potential resource to join in God’s mission within your community.


(The Rt Rev. Dorsey W. M. McConnell, D.D. Kimberly Karashin
Bishop  Canon for Mission


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